Minimal Pairs Speech Therapy Worksheets

Minimal Pairs Speech Therapy Worksheets

“Minimal pairs” are pairs of words that differ by only one phoneme (sound) resulting in a change in meaning of the word. SLPs often use “minimal pairs” therapy when phonological processes are present in order to highlight the sound contrast.

When using minimal pairs in speech therapy, the following steps are helpful

  1. Familiarize: Introduce the child to each picture card to ensure that the child is familiar with the meaning of each target word.
  2. Auditory Discrimination: Say each of the target words and ask the child to point to word/sound he or she heard.
  3. Production: The child practices saying the minimal pair target words.
  4. Auditory Bombardment: You may wish to read a list of words with the target sound/sound pattern to increase the child’s awareness of the sound or sound pattern.

Download Free Minimal Pairs PDF Worksheets:

/p/ & /b/ Minimal Pairs

/θ/ & /f/ Minimal Pairs (Voiceless “TH”/F Minimal Pairs)

/s/ and /ʃ/ Minimal Pairs (S/”SH” Minimal Pairs)

Final Consonant Deletion Minimal Pairs (FCD Minimal Pairs)

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