About Speech Therapist Tools

About Speech Therapist Tools
About Speech Therapist Tools

More about us here at Speech Therapist Tools:

Welcome! I am a school-based Speech-Language Pathologist and I am so grateful for all the free and low-cost speech therapist tools and speech therapist resources available to make my lessons easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

My boyfriend and I (along with our pug) created this site to share the most helpful, most useful free and low-cost speech therapist tools and resources for speech therapy.

It is also our goal to build a community in the sharing of free and low-cost resources for speech therapy, so anyone can create an account and upload their favorite speech therapist tools and resources.

We encourage everyone to vote up on the existing tools they find the most helpful, so that these tools rise to the top of our Popular Speech Therapist Tools List.

For detailed instructions on adding speech therapy tools and voting on existing speech therapy resources:

Get Started with Speech Therapist Tools

We hope that you find that Speech Therapist Tools connects you with more easy-to-use, time-saving, relevant, fun and effective speech therapy resources for your sessions and helps you in reaching your students’ goals.

About Speech Therapist Tools
About Speech Therapist Tools

Speech Therapist Resource Categories, Free & Low-Cost

The speech therapist tools are organized by goal/area of concern or type of resource. Some of the Speech Therapist Tools’ speech therapy resource categories include:

All items are free unless otherwise noted. Tools that do cost money are included for their high level of quality and usefulness. In any event, my boyfriend wanted to include this old saying for the speech therapist resources that cost money;

The best way to ensure something for the future is to pay for it in advance.”

I suppose the literal interpretation works too.

Why use Speech Therapist Tools?

Why are speech therapist tools and resources important? Our compilation of speech therapist tools and resources are here to support you because they:

  1. Help you do your job better and faster
  2. Offer more opportunities for growth
  3. Can save your money
  4. Can save your valuable time
  5. Allow you to create and modify resources faster
  6. Can teach you new skills
  7. Can act as a refresher on your existing skills
  8. Allow you to try out new technology

We are here to help you to best support your students and provide the greatest level of individualized, fun, effective and relevant speech therapy services by providing you with a convenient, easy-to-navigate and organized compilation of free and low-cost speech therapy tools and resources.

In order to support you and make the process of finding the right speech therapy resources and tools for your practice, we allow for a user-rating or voting system to assist you in finding the most helpful, highest quality speech therapy resources. When we choose speech therapy resources to include in this site, we consider the following list on how to evaluate the best speech therapist tools: 

  1. Will the tools save you time?
  2. Can the tool be used for more than one treatment?
  3. How long will the tool be relevant for? 
  4. Most importantly, will the speech therapy tool support the learning and success of your students?
About Speech Therapist Tools
About Speech Therapist Tools

Additional Speech Therapist Support

It is also our aim at Speech Therapist Tools to provide free and easily accessible speech therapy materials for parents, in order to maximize student success and assist you in helping your students to meet their goals.

Please visit our Speech-Language Pathologists blog posts entitled “Speech Therapy Resources for Parents: Phonological Awareness” and “Speech Therapy Resources for Parents: Story Retell” for speech therapy resource ideas and background information to share with parents.

We’d also like you to reach your highest potential professionally, which is why we’re including information on how to negotiate the salary you deserve, which often isn’t necessarily the salary you are first offered.

Check out our blog post, here (Speech-Language Pathologist Salary).

About Speech Therapist Tools
About Speech Therapist Tools

We’d Love to Hear From You

This site is meant to be an easy-to-use database for speech therapy resources and information so that we all can spend less time prepping and more time and energy enjoying our lives. This is because at Speech Therapist Tools, we know that a rising tide lifts all ships.

For easy, step-by-step instructions on adding your own favorite resources, and to vote on existing resources, click on “Support” on the Menu Bar (see image below), and then “Getting Started.”

Showcasing Menu Bar

Your success is our success. Thank you for visiting and please allow us to provide the speech therapist tools and speech therapist resources you need in order to make your sessions fun, effective and as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

We are committed to providing an updated database of the best free and low-cost speech therapy tools available, including speech therapy resources for parents and speech therapist tools for your sessions. 

To that end, reach out (Contact Speech Therapist Tools):

  • If you would like to suggest additional free or low-cost resources or tools not listed on this site, 
  • If you would like to share your favorite resources or tools to help fellow medical-based Speech-Language Pathologists,
  • If you have any thoughts or feedback on making the site better.

Thank you for joining us on this mission in supporting the Speech-Language Pathologists community.

Together, we will do amazing things.

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