“Whack – A – Mole” for Phonics & Multiple Speech Therapy Language Goals by WordWall.net wordwall.net

WordWall.net has a huge database of various games to target multiple speech and language therapy and phonics goals including the arcade classic, Whack – A – Mole. You can create an account and use stored games for FREE! (Go to “community” on the toolbar to search for games).

Whack – A – Mole works especially well with a Smart Board for group sessions, or on student’s individual devices as they hit or click on the correct mole to earn points.

Target various areas and goals such as

  • Phonics/Syllabication rules (e.g., silent -e, open syllables, closed syllables, long and short vowels, digraphs, vowel teams),
  • Articulation,
  • Parts of Speech, and
  • More!

For additional speech, language and phonics tools, please check out our database of engaging resources on SpeechTherapistTools.com.

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