Meet Speechy

Your virtual Speech-Language Pathology personal assistant and new best friend.

Speechy Can do Lots More!

Get as creative with your asks, get specific, get done and moving.


Speechy is an invaluable resource for speech language pathology aides, offering tools and features to streamline daily responsibilities. From generating innovative therapy materials to organizing schedules and lesson plans, Speechy empowers aides to support speech-language pathologists more efficiently. By handling routine tasks, Speechy enables aides to focus on providing direct assistance and improving patient outcomes.

Yes, Speechy itself functions as a comprehensive speech language app designed to cater to the needs of professionals in the field. Offering a wide array of features such as lesson plan creation, story generation, and game development, Speechy is a one-stop solution for enhancing therapy sessions. Its interactive and AI-driven interface ensures that professionals have access to creative and effective resources at their fingertips.

Speechy is a web-based tool that is fully compatible with iPads, offering the flexibility and convenience of accessing its extensive range of speech language apps on your device. Designed to be user-friendly and responsive, Speechy on iPad provides professionals the ability to create, plan, and execute therapy sessions from anywhere, ensuring that innovative therapy solutions are always within reach. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, Speechy’s iPad compatibility ensures you have the tools you need to deliver exceptional care.

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